Easy Maintenance for Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is used for a wide variety of industries and inside homes due to how durable the coating is as well as how resilient it is to stains and chemicals as well as impacts and dents. It can be used in warehouses, hallways, garage flooring, sunrooms, and more. It is ideal for places where heavy machinery will be used or stored and is known for maintaining its beautiful shine and luster.

These floors are easy to take care of and keep looking beautiful, but you’ll want to have a bit of a guide when it comes to proper maintenance to ensure that flooring looks as pristine as it could.

Clean Grit & Dirt

When you are using heavy machinery or a room is heavily trafficked, you need to clean it often to get rid of grime and dirt particles that can cause scratches. You can do this with a vacuum, keeping the floors clear for when machinery needs to be moved.

Avoid Soaps in Cleaners

You should also use the proper epoxy floor products if you want to avoid leaving a haze on floors. Soaps are not needed on epoxy floors; a mop and some warm water will be just as effective. If you need more power, you should think about contacting flooring specialists for tips on products or tools to use.

Spot Clean

epoxy floor products

You typically only need to clean certain areas of epoxy flooring on a daily basis, such as areas where things have spilled or where dirt has been tracked into the area. Liquids can be vacuumed as if they are dirt and then the area can be cleaned using warm water.

Epoxy floors are a great investment in your home or business and can look great for years when they are cleaned properly on a regular basis.